Health Professional Resources

The following resources have been made available to assist health professionals working with people with an intellectual disability, in health care settings.


The Society for the Study of Behavioural Phenotypes (SSBP) have created a portfolio of Syndrome Sheets, written by members with specific expertise in the treatment of a variety of syndromes. The information contained in these syndrome sheets is aimed at clinicians, and is for guidance only.

Fact sheet: Working with patients with intellectual disabilities in healthcare settings

Clinical Guideline – Healthcare for adults with intellectual disability and/or autism spectrum disorders

Fact sheet: Accessing mental health services for people with an intellectual disability

Dementia in people with intellectual disability: Guidelines for Australian GPs

Assessment and Management Framework – Behaviour change in people with intellectual disability

Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease

Atlas on the Primary Care of Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Ontario

Health issues and primary healthcare

CDDH Brochure

CDDH Health and Disability: Partnerships in Action. A teaching and learning resource in disability health and interprofessional education

Hanging Out Program – Interaction for people at risk of isolation

Pap tests: the plain facts

Supporting women. Information and resources for general practitioners supporting women with intellectual disabilities to manage their menstruation

Useful Services for people with developmental disabilities

A guide for providers – accessible mental health services for people with an intellectual disability

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