What is a Disability Liaison Officer?

At Monash Health, the Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) assists people with disabilities to access and coordinate their healthcare.

By providing education and individualised support the Disability Liaison Officer assists in achieving better health outcomes.

Disability Liaison Officer can help you:

·        Access the health support you need to stay well.

·        Helping you with your health care needs.

·        Supporting you and your health care team.

·        Helping you navigate the hospital system

·        Helping you prepare for a hospital stay.return home after your hospital stay and follow up.

·        Helping you return home after your hospital stay and provide follow up.

Monash Health’s Disability Liaison Officers also assist with the delivery of Monash Health’s Disability Strategy and Action Plan.

How to contact the Disability Liaison Officer

To make a referral, you can:

Complete the Disability Liaison Service referral form and email it to disability_liaison@monashhealth.org


Call: 0407 462 106 (Courtney McFarlane)

Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am-4.30pm

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