What is a Disability Liaison Officer?

Disability Liaison Officers (DLO) are a Department of Health and Human Services program that addresses the health needs of Victorians with a disability. The Officers assist with the coordination of healthcare for adults with disabilities.

Why we want to help:

People with disabilities have high levels of health needs making them particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. Some individuals require additional healthcare support, including; prevention, testing, management and treatment.

What we can do:

Here at Monash Health our Disability Liaison Officers can provide specialized disability information and support to people with disability, their supports, and staff to assist with assessment, management, and discharge planning.

We provide education, and resources, to assist in achieving better outcomes for patients, their supports and others including disability and health professionals. We can support people with disability through the COVID-19 pandemic including information on testing.

Related services:

Please visit the Centre for Development Disability Health website for further resources on COVID-19 for people with a disability.

How you can contact us:

To make a referral, you can contact our Disability Liaison Officers or alternatively, complete the Disability Liaison Service referral form and send it to disability_liaison@monashhealth.org

Phone: 0400 183 551 (Michelle Templeton) or 0407 462 106 (Ingrid Steenholdt)

Email: disability_liaison@monashhealth.org

Hours: Monday to Friday 8am-4.30pm

If you require a copy of our Disability Liaison Officer flyer, please click the Download button.

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